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For children aged 10-16.

Create fun and immersive games, stories, and animations with a 24-hour Scratch course!

This course is meant for parents/teachers who aim to teach their children the basics of programming and evolve their problem-solving skills using Scratch.

  • Scratch is a visual programming language with block-based coding. It is a great educational tool for teaching concepts of code, loops, variables, and many more. 

  • Through easy-to-use drag and drop blocks, one can build games, animations, and stories.

  • It can be used to develop games of increasing complexity.

  • It allows the use of event-driven programming with active objects called "sprites".

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Learning Outcome

With no/little experience in programming, children will:

  • learn the basics of computational thinking.

  • go from the basics of scratch all the way to development of games in Scratch.

Learning Resource


Course Outline

I. Basic Level

   ✓ Introduction to the interface

    ✓ Player control

    ✓ Conditions

    ✓ Loops

    ✓ Effects

    ✓ Level design

II. Advanced Level

   ✓ Introduction to module topics

    ✓ Custom blocks

    ✓ Scoring system

    ✓ Custom characters

    ✓ Timing system

    ✓ Multilevel design

    ✓ Multiplayer control

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